Great Sleep is the Root of Skincare

We're dedicated to overnight skincare and sleep wellness

Night-time is Primetime

Up to 75% of the Human Growth Hormone is secreted during deep sleep. HGH is essential for skin tightening, cell renewal, bringing new cells to the surface and pushing the old ones out (think age spots, scars).

At night, the skin's protective hydrolipid barrier weakens, allowing for greater penetration of ingredients.

Designed to sync with the science of sleep, each formula is dedicated to promote a simple and effective regimen that delivers results overnight. With 5 to 8 hours of rest (aim for 8!), you can multi-task while you sleep. 

Our Formulas

You don't need 5 - 8+ hours of harsh, toxic ingredients sitting on your skin while you rest. 

Our skincare products are always vegan and cruelty-free 🍃.

We are formulated without:

x Parabens
x Sulfates
x Mineral oils
x PEGs
x Synthetic fragrances

Our process: Made in Bali

Our formulation mantra is simple: Be kind to the earth and all living things. You’ll sleep better.

Many of the women who create our formulas by hand are mothers that support their families. Thanks to our minimal carbon emissions facility, there is a child-friendly area on-site to ensure that these women can work, while spending time with their children.

Our formulas are created in small hand-made batches in Bali, deemed “Island of the Gods”, and a top world destination for all things wellness, yoga, and spirituality. All of our packaging is recyclable and re-usable. We are proud of our sustainable practices and our potent ingredients.

To read more about our Moonlit Mantras head here💫.

Our Moonlit Commitment


Dedicated to night-time skincare, we sync up natural, potent ingredients with the power of sleep. We are passionate about creating a more welcome sleep space.


In The Wellness Capital of the World, we create every formula with respect, love, and dedication.


We say NO to sulfates, parabens, fillers, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, and mineral oils. We don't need harmful chemicals on our faces for 5+ hours. Vegan and cruelty-free.