NEW Power Down Powder

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Sit back, relax, and let Power Down Powder hit refresh on your skin.

Packed with a simple but potent blend of powerhouse ingredients, we're featuring crushed moringa leaves, aloe vera powder, kaolin clay, and dried cucumber peel powder. Earthy in scent, this is the perfect mask to apply during your evening bath or indulge with friends at slumber parties. 

The Power Down Powder also doubles as an overnight spot treatment for those pesky blemishes. We've removed all liquids from the powder so it's completely free of preservatives

Complete with a Moonlit brush, there's no need to scramble around for your masking tools.

Pre-Sale Set Includes 3 Items:
• Power Down Powder
• Moonlit Masking Brush
• Mini Bamboo Mixing Plate (it's ideal for mixing up overnight spot treatments)

Ships out: July 25th

Size: 1.58 oz / 45 grams

2 Unique Ways to Use

✨Detox Face Mask Directions

  1. Scoop out half tsp. of Powder Down Powder
  2. Add water (or you can get creative and use honey and/or yogurt)
  3. Blend to desired consistency using Moonlit masking brush
  4. Apply to skin and allow to set until dry (mask will turn white when it's ready!)
  5. Gently rinse with water
  6. Bonus: Mix with your favorite cleanser to exfoliate skin! 
✨Overnight Spot Treatment Directions
  1. Use a pinch of Powder Down Powder
  2. Add a small dash of water and blend to a thick paste
  3. Dab gently on troublesome area
  4. Let dry and rest easy.
  5. Rinse in AM.

Ingredients + Benefits:

  • 🍃Crushed Moringa Leaf: Moringa is a mighty ingredient to clear up acne due to natural antiseptic properties. This powerhouse acne-fighter (with over 30 antioxidants!), wards off bacteria and naturally detoxes the skin. 
  • 🌟White Kaolin Clay: Gently decongests pores, absorbs excess oil, debris, and reduces shine
  • Aloe Vera Powder: Encourages collagen stimulation and elastin production, resulting in skin that's baby-soft and smooth
  • 🥒Dried Cucumber Peel Powder: Cooling, soothing, reduces redness and irritation

Best for:

  • All skin types but oily skin + acne-prone skin love it the most!


  • Thinner the consistency, the quicker it dries!
  • Dab a bit on your occasional blemish and leave to dry overnight. Rinse in the AM. 

Full Ingredients List:

Powdered moringa leaf, aloe vera powder, dried cucumber peel powder, and kaolin clay.