Nourishing Cities: New York Edition

New York - Ah, the City that Never Sleeps... We're showcasing 3 of our favorite chill out spots in the city that promote rest and relaxation.
1. Chillhouse (Lower East Side) - Here, you can treat yourself to a tea, a manicure, and a massage. The ideal autumn spot to indulge in some self-care and quality time with yourself.
Interior of Chillhouse in New York City
2. Yogamaya (Chelsea) This is the real deal when it comes to escaping from the hectic city. We specifically recommend their Restorative Workshop (offered once a month) that highlights positions that encourage sleep. Cool dark room, bolsters, blankets, and blocks, get ready to wipe your mind and take a breather. Guaranteed zzzs after this workshop.
3. Leesa Dream Gallery (Soho) - The world’s first combined art gallery and mattress store. Experience the "dangerously comfortable" Leesa mattress & discover the beautiful artwork of homeless, formerly homeless and disabled artists.