In Bed With... Matt Woodcox, Writer and Skincare Blogger

Moonlit's In Bed With... Series is a collection of intimate interviews with tastemakers, core-shakers, and the people we love. We explore what keeps them up at night, in addition to their sleep secrets.  
This month we feature Matt Woodcox, skincare blogger, writer, expert skincare photographer... and friend x 
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Matt Woodcox is a skincare and lifestyle blogger located in Texas. After struggling with skin sensitivity and acne in his early 20's, Matt began to switch his lifestyle to a more green and natural one. With a background in medical and insurance, Matt began to blog his skincare journey [Dirtyboysgetclean] in hopes of helping others who may be seeking out a more natural and honest approach to skincare. Find him on IG @dirtyboysgetclean! Be prepared for beautiful candle + skincare photos  📸
nighttime skin skincare cosmetics overnight oil facial vegan moonlit midnight shift sleep insomnia
TELL US ABOUT WHAT YOU DO:  I am a freelance writer, blogger, and doggy daddy! 
WHAT'S YOUR NIGHTTIME RITUAL: I always start by lighting a candle and turning on my oil diffuser. Next up I will do my skincare routine followed by a cup of hot tea. I usually listen to music before bed or read a book. 

BEST PLACE YOU'VE WOKEN UP IN: On the ocean. Something so calming and humbling about being in the middle of the ocean. Really puts into perspective just how small we really are in the world. 
WHAT KEEPS YOU UP AT NIGHT? Usually thoughts of what I need to do the next day. Or dogs barking from my neighbor's backyard.
 nighttime skin skincare cosmetics overnight oil facial vegan moonlit midnight shift sleep insomnia
MOST IMPORTANT SLEEP ADVICE YOU CAN GIVE? Only use your bed to sleep. Do not hang out in your bed and watch tv, etc. I really believe that if you utilize your bed solely for sleeping then your mind/body will know once you get into bed that it’s time to sleep and rest. Could totally be in my mind, but it works. Hang out in your living room or set up an area in your bedroom to chill so that you are not in your bed when you’re not ready to sleep.  
BEST CHILL OUT SPOT IN TEXAS? Austin! There are so many great local places to eat, museums, lots of art & culture. Oh, and tons of great shopping spots! 
NIGHTTIME BEAUTY GREATEST HITS? Grown Alchemist Lip Balm, DedCool Hand Cream, Moonlit Skincare Midnight Shift, Herbivore Botanicals Moon Fruit, Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum, and water!!  
FUN MATT FACT? I hate mustard. 
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I GET THE BEST SLEEP WHEN... I have exercised during the day. Nothing better than sleeping after burning a bunch of calories! 
My ideal # of hours of sleep is: 8 is ideal. 
But in reality, I actually get: 6-7 typically. 
Sleep season for me is: winter! 
How many pillows: I have 8 on my bed. 
AM or PM?: AM. 
Nightcap?: peppermint hot tea & iced water. 
Bad sleep habit: Using my phone in bed. 
Good sleep habit: Sleeping with an air purifier & humidifier in the room. 
Can't sleep with: a TV on. 
Side/back/stomach sleeper: Side! 
Mantra: Be kind. 
IG Beauty Community crushes: There’s so many... ahhh! @sharmtoaster @first_fig @rachel.lankford @goalstogetglowing @sofieuh @lizalaska @dadmunk @nailpolish_chips @beaute.defile @lebellagypsy @sortofobsessed @thecriticalbabe...
Find Matt and his beautiful photos here